DAY #1 – “3 Not-so-Easy Steps”

Rock Lesson #1 : Are You Passionate Enough to Be a Rock Star?

“What you choose to do in life has got to be something that you’re passionate about because otherwise you won’t have the perseverance to see it through” (Steve Jobs)

In music, passion is saying, “I love playing music with all of my heart, I will start taking action toward making a living out of this, and not stop until I do.”

If you can follow through on the following three steps below, there’s a good chance that this is just the career for you, and we look forward to seeing you on the top of the charts.

#1: Drop every doubt that you ever had about yourself.

This will help you start taking action. Start booking shows for your band and don’t worry so much about the details that you wouldn’t take any action at all. The result will be – Nothing! No shows on the calendar, and this will always be the result of not taking any action.
Yes, details are important, but you can’t let fear overtake your desire for action. The best approach is a balanced one. Go in with the mindset that things won’t be perfect, and try to control any factors you can.

#2: Realize that progress equals expenses.

As your band grows, the expenses of the band grow with it and most of the time, your income won’t grow anywhere near as quickly as expenses. If you don’t want to be the ‘starving artist’, then we suggest you grow your band in your home city or create an AMAZING video that goes viral on Youtube! Touring is awesome, but it costs a lot of money and don’t think that touring will mean that you instantly have passionate fans all around the country . . . at least not an amount that will be sustainable to making a lot of money.
Growing your local scene can achieve 3 things:
1. It develops passionate fans that care about you and your success
2. It is cheaper, and doesn’t usually cost as much money to play in your hometown
3. You develop your live show to a standard that is fit to entertain almost anyone
This way, once you need to go on tour, you can implement a Kickstarter/Crowdfunding/FANfunding campaign for your band and have these friends and fans you’ve developed help contribute to make up for touring expenses, promotional videos and other things.

#3: Lastly, do it out of passion.

This sounds like an obvious one, but it’s completely necessary to mention. You have to know that the reason you’re doing this is to do something you love. This is what makes it worth it.
Sitting behind a desk all day working for someone is much easier than going up on stage every night and putting on an awesome show for a crowd of fans – but standing up on that stage is what people dream of. Not a large percentage of the population can tell you that they have had that experience, but that experience often costs a lot, both in money and time.
If you ask most people if they’d like to be a rock star they’d probably say yes … money, fame, limos … who would say no?
But if you said “Alright, you can be a rock star, but first you have to spend the time to learn an instrument and write an album. Then you have to find people to sell it to. Then you have to develop a great live show. Then you have to invest in merchandise and touring.” And so on and so on . . .

This is why we urged you that you have to drop your doubts. You can’t be thinking “if” this works. You have to think “when” this works. Know that you love what you do, and that you’ll continue to do it no matter what happens. The people who make it are the ones that push on… not because it’s easy, but because they’re doing this either way.
If you can follow through on these three steps, then you are definitely passionate enough to be a rock star.

What are some things you have done that prove your passion for music? Please share it with us: Contact the School of BUNDUROCK . . . READ MORE . . .


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