BUNDUROCK is a unique music & conservation combined initiative that aims to assist, advice, support, help to promote and to create opportunities for especially independant artists, musicians and bands – and in the process also supporting our planet’s survival through our combined support of the WEF and Conservation Education – both nationally and internationally.



1.WHY: Due to the common struggle for survival of both planet earth (our environment & wildlife) and our planet’s talented independent musicians, UMBULI Productions and the WEF (Wildlife Education Foundation) have decided to combine forces, skills, experience and networks in support of the survival of our planet and our planet’s creative souls, who more than often, do not receive the respect, recognition, honest support and protection both deserve!

2. WHO we are: BUNDUROCK for LIFE is the combined initiative of UMBULI Productions and the WEF. Since 2007 the WEF has presented conservation educational workshops & lectures to more than 250 000 children, their educators, and numerous adults from all sectors of life – absolutely FREE of CHARGE – supported only by the WEF’s own self-sustainable efforts and initiatives. WHY? purely because of the IMPORTANCE of CONSERVATION through EDUCATION – the ONLY long-term solution to our planet’s conservation challenges.
Since 2010 the WEF has received the support of UMBULI Productions in assisting with the production of audiovisual material to enable the WEF to reach more people more effectively. Together we will are now also including our supporting musicians – by giving them a voice – they will be helping us to give our planet, nature a voice that will be heard!

WHAT we do and WHAT you get

1. BUNDUROCK for LIFE is the perfect initiative to support both our planet’s conservation and that of its creative, yet often neglected artists/musicians. Through the support of the independent musicians, the WEF will receive support and exposure for their Conservation Education work, while the supporting musicians will be given an excellent platform with media exposure to showcase their talents and skills.

2.UMBULI Productions is also extensively involved in the productions of music videos – a very important, but expensive tool needed by any serious musician/band to showcase and introduce their music to the world. Through the BUNDUROCK for LIFE initiatives and support of UMBULI Productions, we will make it possible for our supporting musicians/bands to receive in return for their support, also a HIGH quality video production of a live performance(s), absolutely FREE of CHARGE.

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